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这,就是枫叶小学的快乐教育! 2020英语童话节系列活动记录

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    The mermaid is swimming freely in the blue ocean. Snow White and the dwarfs are enjoying food in the cozy cabin. Peter Pan, who never grows up, is flying in the sky. Alice is walking in the fairyland of sleep. In the dream of fairy tales, we reap the purest happiness. Fairy tales are the nectar that moisturizes the soul. Everyone has a fairy tale dream in their hearts. We feel love  from fairy tales. Today, The Second Fairy Tale Day begins in Maple International School - Jingzhou. Lets enjoy this wonderful day.You see, all the students are transformed into various cartoon characters. This beautiful campus immediately becomes a dream world.








    I appreciate fairy tale works

   On Fairy Tale Day, all Chinese and foreign teachers transform into roles in fairy tales. They lead students to experience different English fairy tales. You see, they are in the fairy tale world arranged by the teachers. Students from G1-G3 students are coloring their favorite fairy tale characters. Students from G4-G6 are completing a guide to fairy tales. Students from G7-G9 assign fairy tale writing tasks.Look! How caefully they are drawing! And grade 4-6 students not only read the picture stories,but also made some crafts. They learn happliy! Middle school students wrote poems under Ms.Claire’guidence.


    在童话日这一天,所有的中外教老师,变身童话中的角色,带领大家体验不同的英文童话故事。你看,他们正置于老师们精心布置的童话世界呢。G1-G3 的学生们正在给自己喜欢的童话人物填色。G4-G6的学生正在完成童话故事的导图。G7-G9的学生进行童话写作任务。







G901    Emily 赵语涵

Believe your parents;

They’ll give you patience.

Don’t trust the stranger;

You’ll be in danger.


G901     Snow 邹雪函

Choose to break the rule;

The consequence isn’t rude.

To be a phoenix with the prince;

Who is under whose wings?


G901     Yilia 滕小丫

The prince likes the princess;

And the princess falls in love with the prince.

They naturally become partners,

Did I make myself humorous?


G901     Megan吴姝仪     


I’m a Cinderella,

I want to find my gentle fella.

If you happen to know someone whoever,

Please do inform me whenever.



If you choose to be kind,

You’ll find peace in your mind.

If you choose to be a demon,

With me you’ll have nothing in common.


G801     Angel 李嘉琪

Reflection on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Last week, I started to read the Harry Potter Series. I spent four days on the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I was deeply interested in Harry’s magical adventure, so I read it as quickly as I could. I just can’t wait to read the following ones.

Harry is my favorite character in this book. He is brave. For instance, when his powerful enemy tried to take the philosopher’s stone in his pocket, disasters would befall if it happened by the way, so Harry kept saying that he didn’t have the stone. He is also righteous. He helped the forgettable Neville get his rememberall, which is a magical ball to remind people when something is forgotten.

There is also a plot that I love the most ---- Harry found a big mirror, and in it Harry saw his parents smiling and waving at him. Then he was so stuck by the images in the mirror that he spent hours after hours sitting in front of it. Until one day, Dumbledore explained to him how the mirror worked: “This is the Mirror of Erised,” he said to Harry, “which can show you the most desperate desire in your heart as Erised is Desire written in reverse.” And then comes my favorite saying, “Do not dwell on dreams and forget to live. Remember that.” said Dumbledore. I can’t agree with it more. We can’t dream all the time and waste all the time on the things that aren’t truth or knowledge.

    I play fairy tales drama

  Meeting every fairy tale is a beautiful encounter. For everyone, the most wonderful experience is to experience the charm of each character in the performance and discover the power in the story.Lets Watch this carefully prepared fairy tale play Three Little Pigs . The big bad wolf was finally caught by the wise little pig. The live performance brought everyone into this fairy tale world.




    I know the fairy tales

    How much do you know about fairy tales? After the fairy tale play, everyone enthusiastically participates in The Fairy Tale Work I Can Answer. Today's the students have all turned into masters to answer questions. Seeing that they can’t wait to move their hands.They actively participate in the answering session.




    A good fairy tale is like the sun, shining every way we grow. A good fairy tale is like rain and dew, nourishing our hearts. Romance and imagination, dream and poetry, mystery and magnificence, this is the fairy tale world that grows with us. It is as illusory as a "mirage" but fascinating. It is a wonderful world that tempts us, and it is an essential spiritual meal in our study and life. Thank you fairy tales for bringing us childhood dreams and colorful dreams. I also hope that in the days to come, students can continue to enjoy the various fun brought by fairy tales and grow in a higher and farther future.

    好的童话好似阳光照耀着我们成长的每一条路好的童话似雨露滋润着我们的心灵。浪漫与想象、梦幻与诗意、神秘与瑰丽,这就是伴我们成长的童话世界。它如同“海市蜃楼”一般虚无缥缈却又令人着迷,是诱惑我们的奇妙世界, 是我们学习生活中必不可少的精神美餐。感谢童话故事为我们带来的一个童年的梦、缤纷的梦。也希望在今后的日子里,同学们能够继续享受童话故事带来的各种乐趣,朝着更高、更远的方向成长