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Hello everyone, Today ,the topic of our speech is about < Enhance safety awareness, learn to protect ourselves and prevent school bullying>



School Bullying refers to the act of bullying each other between the classmates, they tend to occur in the primary and middle schools, bullying behaviors include direct attacks on victims, kicking, extortion of money or other stuff. Bullying not only includes physical torture, but it also includes the non-physical violence, such as insulting nicknames for the students, spreading negative rumors about the victims, etc. Compared with physical damage, non-physical violence can cause even more harm to the child's self-esteem and personality development.  


The school should be the students’ the safest harbor besides their families. However, in recent years, bullying actions occur frequently among teenagers on campus. Meanwhile, the bullying methods are gradually becoming more and more complicated, such as group isolation, speaking ill of others, group beatings and insulting, cyber siege and so on. In particular, many perpetrators(作恶者) also post the whole process online, making bullying cases gradually become a social concern. Moreover, school bullying not only brings serious physical harm to bullies, victims and bystanders(旁观者), but also causes serious psychological damage to them, even to their future life. Therefore, as students who live and study on campus every day, we must take effective measures to prevent bullying on campus.


First, in the face of threats and violence, first tell yourself not to be afraid. Most of the students and teachers as well as all the forces of justice in the society are your strong backing, do not easily bow to the evil forces.


Second, remind the villain(恶棍) loudly that what they do is illegal and will be severely punished by law. At the same time quickly find a phone to call the police, or shout for help.


Third, if the danger occurs, quickly close the class doors, Windows, do not let the gangsters in. If hurt, you must report to the teachers or the police immediately. Indulging(纵容) them will only lead to more frequent violence.


Fourth, educate the children not to flirt with bossy and strong peers(同龄人); Do not take the initiative to conflict with other students in school, once the bully action occurs, you should call for the teachers immediately.


Fifth, educate the children go to school and take part in activities with one or more partners as often as possible. When going alone, do not choose secluded(隐蔽的) road with few people; Don't go home after dark, don't play on the road after school, go home on time.


Sixth, educate the child, if he differs from others in some way, it does not matter. By letting your child know this early on, he or she will develop a strong sense of self-worth, a sense of identity, and a sense that he or she is equally worthy of respect.


Seventh, let the child participate in the self-defense training. You may not want to see your child fight back physically against the offender, but if the situation worsens, it's always good for the child to be able to protect himself or herself.


In a word, the maintenance(维持/维护) of campus safety is closely related to us, it is